11 Doctors. 50 years. 23rd November 2013.
  Patrick Troughton
The Second Doctor (1966-1969)

In 1966, audiences sat in awe as the Doctor regenerated on screen for the very first time. Regeneration was introduced as a concept to keep the series fresh and exciting and it certainly did that, as a new incarnation of the Time Lord stepped out of those TARDIS doors. Fans were reassured that time and space was in very good hands as their new hero, Patrick Troughton, got down to business, proving to be more mercurial and darker than his predecessor.

Celebrating the Second Doctor Celebrating the Second Doctor
Throughout February we'll be celebrating the Second Doctor, as played by Patrick Troughton from 1966 to 1969.
Celebrating the Second Doctor »
A Brief History A Brief History
Take a trip in the TARDIS to learn more about the show's origins in our (brief) history of time and space.
A Brief History »
Regeneration Animation! Regeneration Animation!
Watch an animated clip of the First Doctor's regeneration taken from an upcoming DVD release of The Tenth Planet.
Regeneration Animation! »
Lost Episodes Recovered! Lost Episodes Recovered!
Missing episodes from the Second Doctor's era are discovered at a TV relay station in Africa.
Lost Episodes Recovered! »
Anneke Wills Anneke Wills
"I was allowed to mould the character of Polly really close to myself. I even wore my own clothes..."
We chat exclusively to Anneke Wills, the actress who played Polly, companion of the First and Second Doctors.
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Tomb of the Cybermen BFI Q&A Tomb of the Cybermen BFI Q&A
Michael Ferguson, Shirley Cooklin, Bernard Holley, Michael Kilgarriff, Deborah Watling and Anneke Wills at the BFI.
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The First Doctor at the BFI! The Second Doctor at the BFI!
The BFI are celebrating the Second Doctor's era with a special screening of a classic adventure this February.
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Royal Mail Doctor Who Stamps Royal Mail Doctor Who Stamps
The Royal Mail are commemorating the 50th anniversary with the launch of their collectible Doctor Who stamps.
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The Nameless City The Nameless City
The Doctor and Jamie McCrimmon face danger in a terrifying glass city in an e-book adventure by Michael Scott.
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Shadow of Death Shadow of Death
The Destiny of the Doctor series continues with this brand new audiobook adventure featuring the Second Doctor.
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The Light at the End The Light at the End
November 23rd 1963 proves to be a significant day in the lives of all eight Doctors in this new Big Finish multi-Doctor adventure commemorating the 50th anniversary.
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Regenerations Through Time Regenerations Through Time
The Doctor's regenerations are brought together in this new collector's edition DVD boxset, released June 2013.
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