Episode Guides
The Magician's Apprentice 9.1 - THE MAGICIAN'S APPRENTICE
When the skies of Earth are frozen by a mysterious alien force, Clara needs her friend. But where is the Doctor, and what is he hiding from?
Trapped and alone in a terrifying Dalek city, the Doctor is at the heart of an evil Empire. No sonic, no TARDIS, nobody to help.
Under the Lake 9.3 - UNDER THE LAKE
When an Underwater Base comes under attack, the Doctor and Clara must save the frightened crew and defeat an impossible threat.
Before the Flood 9.4 - BEFORE THE FLOOD
On a remote army outpost, a fearsome alien warlord called the Fisher King sets in motion a twisted plan to ensure his own survival.
The Girl Who Died 9.5 - THE GIRL WHO DIED
Captured by Vikings, the Doctor and Clara must help protect their village from space warriors from the future, the Mire. So why is the Doctor preoccupied with a single Viking girl?
The Woman Who Lived 9.6 - THE WOMAN WHO LIVED
The deadly Highwayman and his sidekick stalk the streets of London. But when they find loot that's not of this world, they come face to face with the Doctor.
The Zygon Invasion 9.7 - THE ZYGON INVASION
When Osgood is kidnapped by a rogue gang of Zygons, the Doctor, Clara and UNIT must scatter across the world in a bid to set her free.
The Zygon Inversion 9.8 - THE ZYGON INVERSION
Shapeshifting Zygons are everywhere in the UK, and there is no way of knowing who to trust. With UNIT neutralised, only the Doctor stands in their way.
Sleep No More 9.9 - SLEEP NO MORE
This terrifying story is assembled from footage discovered in the wreckage of Le Verrier Space Station.
Face the Raven 9.10 - FACE THE RAVEN
The Doctor and Clara, with their old friend Rigsy, find themselves in a magical alien world, hidden on a street in the heart of London.
Heaven Sent 9.11 - HEAVEN SENT
Trapped in a world unlike any other he has seen, the Doctor faces the greatest challenge of his many lives. One final test. And he must face it alone.
Hell Bent 9.12 - HELL BENT
Returning to Gallifrey, the Doctor faces the Time Lords in a struggle that will take him to the end of time itself. Who is the Hybrid? And what is the Doctor’s confession?
When a crashed spaceship calls upon the Doctor for help, he finds himself recruited into River Song's squad and hurled into a fast and frantic chase across the galaxy.