Episode Guides
Smith And Jones 1.1 - ROSE
When Rose Tyler meets a mysterious stranger called the Doctor, her life will never be the same again.
Smith And Jones 1.2 - THE END OF THE WORLD
The Doctor takes Rose on her first voyage through time, to Platform One, where they witness the death of Planet Earth.
Smith And Jones 1.3 - THE UNQUIET DEAD
The Doctor and Rose travel back through time to Victorian Cardiff, where the dead are walking and creatures made of gas are on the loose.
Smith And Jones 1.4 - ALIENS OF LONDON (PART I)
The Doctor takes Rose home, but when a spaceship crashlands in the Thames, the whole world goes on Red Alert.
Smith And Jones 1.5 - WORLD WAR THREE (PART II)
With the Doctor, Rose and Harriet Jones trapped inside Downing Street, the world edges towards mankinds first Interplanetary War.
Smith And Jones 1.6 - DALEK
Beneath the Salt Plains of Utah, billionaire collector Henry Van Statten holds the last relic of an alien race.
Smith And Jones 1.7 - THE LONG GAME
The Doctor, Rose and Adam travel to the future where Satellite 5 broadcasts to the entire Earth Empire.
Smith And Jones 1.8 - FATHER'S DAY
Rose travels back to 1987, to day her father died, but when she interferes in the course of events, the monstrous Reapers are unleashed.
Smith And Jones 1.9 - THE EMPTY CHILD (PART I)
It's 1941, and a mysterious cylinder is being guarded by the Army, while homeless children are being terrorised by an unearthly child.
Smith And Jones 1.10 - THE DOCTOR DANCES (PART II)
The Doctor and Rose form an alliance with Jack, but find themselves trapped in the hospital with the Child's zombie army on the march.
Smith And Jones 1.11 - BOOM TOWN
When the TARDIS crew take a holiday, the Doctor encounters an enemy he thought long since dead.
Smith And Jones 1.12 - BAD WOLF (PART I)
The Doctor, Rose and Jack have to fight for their lives on board the Game Station, but a far more dangerous threat is lurking, just out of sight.
Smith And Jones 1.13 - THE PARTING OF THE WAYS (PART II)
Rose has faced danger and seen wonders alongside the Doctor, but now their friendship is put to the test as Earth plunges into an epic war.