Here you'll find some random Doctor Who and WhovianNet related tidbits that don't really fit anywhere else on the site. Enjoy! For the latest news follow us on Twitter @WhovianNet.

Your #DWDecorations You lit up our Twitter feed in December 2013 with pictures of your Doctor Who inspired Christmas decorations. Here's a gallery of some of our faves! Click here »
#GoodbyeMatt Christmas Project Fans from around the world came together to say #GoodbyeMatt in our special Christmas video project in December 2013. Click here »
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I Love Doctor Who Because... In December 2011, we invited visitors to summarise their passion for Doctor Who in just 15 words. Here, we compile our favourite entries! Click here »
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Series 6: Part 1 Awards - The Results From pirates to Gangers and Silence to Sirens, the first half of Series 6 was full of laughs, tears and scares. What were your highlights? Click here »
WhovianNet: The Christmas Project In Winter 2009, we ran a project to compile a Christmas scrapbook to send to David Tennant to thank him for all his hard work, commitment and dedication to Doctor Who over the past four years. Click here »
Carole E. Barrowman Interview We chat exclusively to John Barrowman's sister, Carole E. Barrowman, about Torchwood, comics and Captain Jack! Click here »
The Tenth Doctor Diary Entry Ever wanted to step inside the Doctor's Converse? In December, we ran a Time Lord diary contest, with the winner having their entry added to our Christmas Project scrapbook! Click here »
The Top Ten of Ten In the build up to The End of Time, we asked our visitors to vote for the Tenth Doctor's all time top ten moments, and here are the results! Click here »
Your Favourite Russell T Davies Moment As Russell T Davies prepared to leave the world of Who behind, we asked our visitors to vote for their all time favourite moment to have been penned by him. Here are the results... Click here »
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Who'loween Spooktacular - The Results 2010 It's that time of year again, so join us as we look back over the Doctor's enemies of the past, present and future to determine which is the scariest of them all! Click here »
Who'loween Spooktacular - The Results To celebrate the Halloween season, we embarked on a dangerous and spine-chilling mission to discover what our visitors thought was the scariest Doctor Who story to date. Click here »
Advent Calendar 2011 Our Advent Calendar was back in 2011 to spread the festive cheer ahead of The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe. It included wallpapers, avatars and more! Click here »
Advent Calendar 2010 Christmas 2010 saw the return of our advent calendar, which contained 25 days of festive Time Lord cheer, including another exclusive tale, A Leadworth Christmas! Click here »
Advent Calendar 2009 We counted down the days until Christmas (and part one of the Tenth Doctor's regeneration!) again in '09, with 25 days of exclusive Doctor Who cheer! Click here »
Advent Calendar 2008 Browse our 2008 advent calendar, which features 25 days of exclusive festive downloads, and the Graske returns in our very own Christmas story, The Fright Before Christmas! Click here »