11 Doctors. 50 years. 23rd November 2013.
  Matt Smith
The Eleventh Doctor (2010-2013)

Geronimo! Our year-long celebration of the lives and times of the Doctor concludes this month as his eleventh and most current incarnation steps into the spotlight! When the Eleventh Doctor crash-landed in Amelia Pond's garden, it was to be the start of an epic era in the new look TARDIS. From Demon's Run to "dinosaurs... on a spaceship!", we have followed the Eleventh Doctor as he's encountered new and old enemies alike, made and lost friends and proved that bow ties really are cool along the way...

Celebrating the Eleventh Doctor Celebrating the Eleventh Doctor
Throughout November we'll be celebrating the Eleventh Doctor, as played by Matt Smith.
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Meet the Eleventh Doctor Meet the Eleventh Doctor
New to Who? Read up on the life and times of the Eleventh Doctor in WhovianNet's in-depth biography.
Read his biography »
Remember when... River's identity was revealed? Remember when... River's identity was revealed?
Relive the historic moment which saw River Song's identity finally being revealed in A Good Man Goes to War.
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Simon Fisher-Becker Simon Fisher-Becker
"When I first saw the TARDIS police box, I was quite emotional..."
We chat to the actor who plays Dorium Maldovar.
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Catrin Stewart Catrin Stewart
"As an actor you relish in using your imagination, and I got to do all of that on this job..."
The actress spills the beans on her role as Jenny Flint.
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Simon Harris Simon Harris
"The goal was definitely to make a game which, whilst playing, felt like an episode of the show..."
We talk to the executive producer of The Eternity Clock.
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Tom MacRae Tom MacRae
"The reviews were so good I nearly cried reading them..."
We chat to the writer of the acclaimed Series 6 adventure The Girl Who Waited.  
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Jenny Colgan Jenny Colgan
"The first time you type the words 'The Doctor left the TARDIS', it's just incredible..."
The author chats to WhovianNet about her Who novel.
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Saul Metzstein Saul Metzstein 
"It encourages baroque filmmaking. Most TV is stylistically very safe compared to Doctor Who..."
The director chats to WhovianNet.
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Calvin Dean Calvin Dean
"Standing in the lunch queue next to a Cyberman is pretty disconcerting..."
The actor spills the beans on his Series 7 guest role.
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Halia Meguid Halia Meguid 
"Murray is a very generous and empathetic soul. He really attaches himself to his work."
We chat to the singer whose voice was heard in Series 7.
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Steve Hughes Steve Hughes
"With James Corden and Matt Smith on set, there was a lot of laughs..."
We chat to the director of Series 6's Closing Time.
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Nina Toussaint-White‏ Nina Toussaint-White‏
"I had fun playing such a cheeky yet tough character."
We chat to the actress about the shocks that came with her guest role in Let's Kill Hitler.
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The First Doctor at the BFI! The Eleventh Doctor at the BFI!
The BFI are celebrating the Eleventh Doctor's era with a special screening of a classic adventure.
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Royal Mail Doctor Who Stamps Royal Mail Doctor Who Stamps
The Royal Mail are commemorating the 50th anniversary with the launch of their collectible Doctor Who stamps.
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Eleventh Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Remote Eleventh Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Remote
Control your television with a remote control replica of the Eleventh Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver.
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Regenerations Through Time Regenerations Through Time
The Doctor's regenerations are brought together in this new collector's edition DVD boxset, released June 2013.
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Nothing O'Clock Nothing O'Clock
Neil Gaiman returns to Doctor Who to write an exclusive e-book adventure featuring the Eleventh Doctor and Amy.
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The Time Machine The Time Machine
A brand new audio adventure, written by Matt Fitton, featuring the Eleventh Doctor and Clara Oswald.
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The Eleventh Doctor Revisited The Eleventh Doctor Revisited
Matt Smith's era in the TARDIS is revisited in a brand new special on BBC America this November.
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