11 Doctors. 50 years. 23rd November 2013.
  Paul McGann
The Eighth Doctor (1996)

The 90's had arrived and the Doctor was nowhere to be seen, but the persistance and dedication of the 'Whovian' fandom would soon pay off and in 1996 the Time Lord finally returned in a TV movie produced by the BBC, Universal Studios and 20th Century Fox. Fans new and old watched as Sylvester McCoy regenerated into Paul McGann. Aided by Dr Grace Holloway, it would be the only on screen adventure to feature the Eighth Doctor, but it's one that will stand the test of time.

Celebrating the Eighth Doctor Celebrating the Eighth Doctor
Throughout August we'll be celebrating the Eighth Doctor, as played by Paul McGann in the 1996 TV movie.
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A Brief History A Brief History
Take a trip in the TARDIS to learn more about the show's origins in our (brief) history of time and space.
A Brief History »
Paul McGann's Doctor Who audition tape Paul McGann's Doctor Who audition tape
Watch footage of Paul McGann auditioning for his eventual role as the Eighth Doctor.
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A Stamp in Time A Stamp in Time
Doctors of the past and present join forces to celebrate the launch of the Royal Mail's 50th anniversary stamps.
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Matthew Jacobs Matthew Jacobs
"You could say it was the fans themselves that got the movie greenlit."
We chat to the writer and co-producer of the 1996 TV movie.
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Yee Jee Tso Yee Jee Tso
"The new series has made Doctor Who a thing people are excited about, but the 90s wasn't quite this way."
We speak to the actor who played Chang Lee in the 1996 TV movie.
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Alex Scarrow Alex Scarrow
"I love plague stories. So what's cooler than a virus that can 'think'? I love gory gooey stuff!"
The TimeRiders author gives us an exclusive insight into his new Eighth Doctor e-book, Spore, out this month.
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The BFI are celebrating the Seventh Doctor's era with a special screening of a classic adventure this September.
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Royal Mail Doctor Who Stamps Royal Mail Doctor Who Stamps
The Royal Mail are commemorating the 50th anniversary with the launch of their collectible Doctor Who stamps.
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The Light at the End The Light at the End
November 23rd 1963 proves to be a significant day in the lives of all eight Doctors in this new Big Finish multi-Doctor adventure commemorating the 50th anniversary.
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Spore Spore
The Eighth Doctor encounters a flesh-liquefying virus in a brand new e-book adventure by Alex Scarrow.
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Regenerations Through Time Regenerations Through Time
The Doctor's regenerations are brought together in this new collector's edition DVD boxset, released June 2013.
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Enemy Aliens Enemy Aliens
A message from a Time Lord sends the Eighth Doctor and Charlotte Pollard to the streets of London's West End.
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The Eighth Doctor Revisited
Paul McGann's short but sweet era in the TARDIS is revisited in a brand new special on BBC America this August.
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