11 Doctors. 50 years. 23rd November 2013.
  Sylvester McCoy
The Seventh Doctor (1987-1989, 1996)

In 1987 the Seventh Doctor's tenure in the TARDIS began and it was to become one of the most thrilling and turbulent in Doctor Who history, both on and off screen, as Sylvester McCoy's portrayal of iconic Time Lord began his life as an altogether bumbling buffoon. He developed into a much darker, driven incarnation as time went by, but our exploration into the mysteries of his past were cut short when the series was ultimately cancelled in 1989. But the end was just the beginning...

Celebrating the Fifth Doctor Celebrating the Seventh Doctor
Throughout July we'll be celebrating the Seventh Doctor, as played by Sylvester McCoy from 1987-1989, and in 1996.
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A Brief History A Brief History
Take a trip in the TARDIS to learn more about the show's origins in our (brief) history of time and space.
A Brief History »
Doctor Who Celebration Weekend Doctor Who Celebration Weekend
Meet Sylvester McCoy at the BBC's official anniversary celebratory weekend taking place in London this November.
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Bonnie Langford Bonnie Langford
"At the time I had no idea of the extent of attention that Doctor Who attracted."
We chat to the actress who played the Seventh Doctor's computer programming companion Melanie Bush.
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Malorie Blackman Malorie Blackman
"I didn't even have to think about it, I just had to be involved."
The author gives us an exclusive insight into her new Seventh Doctor e-book, The Ripper Effect, out this month.
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That's Ace! That's Ace!
Relive the moment the Seventh Doctor met his new companion Ace, played by Sophie Aldred.
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The First Doctor at the BFI! The Seventh Doctor at the BFI!
The BFI are celebrating the Seventh Doctor's era with a special screening of a classic adventure this July.
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Royal Mail Doctor Who Stamps Royal Mail Doctor Who Stamps
The Royal Mail are commemorating the 50th anniversary with the launch of their collectible Doctor Who stamps.
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The Ripple Effect The Ripple Effect
The Doctor and Ace land on Skaro to discover it has been transformed into the universal centre of learning in a brand new e-book adventure by Malorie Blackman.
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The Light at the End The Light at the End
November 23rd 1963 proves to be a significant day in the lives of all eight Doctors in this new Big Finish multi-Doctor adventure commemorating the 50th anniversary.
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Regenerations Through Time Regenerations Through Time
The Doctor's regenerations are brought together in this new collector's edition DVD boxset, released June 2013.
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Shockwave Shockwave
The Seventh Doctor and Ace star in a new audio adventure for the 50th anniverary written by James Swallow.
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The Seventh Doctor Revisited The Seventh Doctor Revisited
Sylvester McCoy's era in the TARDIS is revisited in a brand new special on BBC America this July.
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