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whovian [who-vee-an], noun: An overly obsessed fan of the Doctor Who franchise.
Getting to know you

WhovianNet.co.uk first launched as a Piczo site entitled 'Last of the Time Lords' in late 2006. As the third series approached in 2007, we became frustrated with Piczo, failing to create layouts that we a) liked and b) were willing to keep for longer than a week! We decided to leave Piczo, and subsequently closed in July 2007 to move on to pastures new...

We came back with a bang in October 2007, with a new name - WhovianNet - and a fresh website, coded entirely by us for the first time. After a redesign in March 2008, we were happy, and settled down to cover Series 4.

In February 2009, after a spam attack, we ditched our news system and opened a dedicated news site, news.whoviannet.co.uk. In March 2010, we refreshed our design to make the new Matt Smith era, and integrated our news section more closely with our main site.

In November 2013, to coincide with the Doctor's 50th anniversary celebrations, we published our debut book The Doctor & I with GJB Publishing. Featuring an exclusive foreward by Richard Curtis (writer of Vincent and the Doctor), the book compiles over 80 heartwarming memoirs and accounts from fans who have been personally impacted and inspired by the Doctor's adventures over the last 50 years. The book is available as a paperback and e-book on Amazon.

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