Episode Guides
For Tonight We Might Die 1.1 - FOR TONIGHT WE MIGHT DIE
It’s a new term at Coal Hill Academy, and students are preparing for their Autumn Prom as four alienated students form an unlikely alliance.
The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo 1.2 - THE COACH WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO
Following the tragic events at the Prom, a devastated Ram isolates himself from the other three as he struggles with his new reality.
The team must battle through the streets when London is infiltrated by an eerie alien with the ability to morph into the shape of lost loved ones.
Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart 1.4 - CO-OWNER OF A LONELY HEART
April starts to feel effects of sharing her heart with Corakinus, and his attempts to sever the attachment only make it stronger.
Brave-ish Heart 1.5 - BRAVE-ISH HEART
Battling through the Shadow Kin realm, April knows that there is no going back: she has to defeat Corakinus. On Earth, the invasion of the petals is rapidly snowballing.
Detained 1.6 - DETAINED
The whole gang is thrown into detention by Miss Quill. Locked in her classroom, they are terrified when an explosion propels them out of space and time.
The Metaphysical Engine, Or What Quill Did 1.7 - THE METAPHYSICAL ENGINE, OR WHAT QUILL DID
With the gang trapped in detention and out of the way, Miss Quill accepts Dorothea’s astonishing offer.
The Lost 1.8 - THE LOST
Facing an impossible choice, our heroes must use all they've learnt to save Earth. But how far are they prepared to go? And will they have to pay a price?